Eomecon chionantha

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Eomecon chionantha

Snow Poppy or Poppy of the Dawn


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Sparkling white poppy like flowers with yellow stamens.
 Growing Position:
Moist but not boggy in semi shade.
 Growing Size:
Height 35cm
 Pot Size:
9cm pot




This vigorous perennial has kidney shaped greyish green leaves with slightly scalloped edges on succulent orange stems, retaining interest all through the growing season. The beautiful white flowers are poppy like with yellow stamens. Ideal for underplanting in a moist but not boggy site. In perfect conditions it can be very vigorous so keep an eye on it. Despite this however I believe it is a lovely plant which will always have a place in my garden.

Additional Information

comonname Snow Poppy or Poppy of the Dawn
Pollinator friendly