Since re-starting our mail order in May 2014, we have received countless comments from customers about the quality of plant packing, their condition when they reach their destination and the ease of ordering from our site. Here's a selection of comments from customers old, and new:

"Thank you so much for the plants.

The quality is excellent and the packing was amazing (you have obviously been doing it that way for a long time, but this was my first experience). Opening the box was like Christmas all over again - carefully unwrapping each one and admiring its beauty.

Part of the order is trying to recreate a border that we have had for almost 50 years, which was bulldozed to allow the contractors to block pave and extend the cracked concrete drive. Of course, we chose the wrong time of year for the work and with a lot of dormant plants not being quite where we thought they were, we lost a few favourites.

I must confess that your website drew me in, and reawakened my passion for alpines so there were quite a few "additional" purchases in the order, and the rockery is now being revamped.

Once again my sincere thanks, and my very best wishes for the future." (May 2023)

"Just to let you know the plants arrived in great condition and I'm really pleased with them. The Roscoeas still have some lovely flowers on them to enjoy as we slip into autumn. Many thanks.(September 2022)

"Just to let you know that my plants arrived this afternoon - they are the best plants I have ordered online - thank you very much.(September 2022)

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your outstanding customer service! I get really excited when I get a Border Alpines delivery. Always makes me smile! 

I have loved the plants I have had before; they have been stunning little bits of magic in my garden..." (September 2022)

"Thanks for sending my order so quickly, and for the sweet Anemone n. allenii. It's always a pleasure to look at your website and even better to received an order from you.
(April 2022)

"My plants arrived yesterday in wonderful condition, as usual. Many thanks for them and my gift. I too like the Bellavalia family. I will be in touch in the future and hope you have a good season.
(March 2022)

"Just wanted to say that the parcel arrived safely with FedEx, and thank you very much for including the free plant. It is the most curious choice! I'm also impressed that everything was packed very carefully. 

You have lots of amazing and rare plants and I'm definitely coming back in the future." (March 2022)

"The plants have arrived - thank you. Really excellent quality and well packed. Thank you as well for the additional Arisarum, I really appreciate that.

You will definitely be my 'go to' for alpines in future. Thanks again." (March 2022)

"Thank you for my plants. I have never received plants that were so carefully packaged, and I use mail order a lot. Keep up the good work!
(January 2022)

"Just a line to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. They were, as usual, beautifully packed and in first class condition.

Thank you also for the two free of charge plants, they were a nice surprise. I look forward to the spring when we can see what beautiful plants they turn into.

Hope all goes well through the winter and no doubt I shall be ordering again as there are always gaps to fill. Many thanks." (October 2021)

"Just received my latest order. Your efficiency knows no bounds! The plants are so healthy, fortunately we have a few days of good weather so they can acclimatise before they are thrust into the worst of a Pennine winter.

Thank you so much for the inclusion of the additional Dierama. All the Dieramas I previously bought are thriving." (September 2021)

"I am so delighted and excited to receive all the lovely plants and very generous of you to send so many additional selections. The nerine and echinacea are such beauties.  I am busy with preparations for getting our driveway redone tomorrow and will fill you in about plans for my new treasure trove, most of which I will probably put in the ground soon." (September 2021) 

"I just wanted to say thank you, my plants arrived today, plants are in great condition which shows the quality of them, beautifully wrapped and the personal message was lovely to receive. 

I have already recommended you to my neighbour." (September 2021)

"Another happy customer! Just to add to the chorus of fans for your brilliant order, with such care and attention, and especially for your most kind gift of Epimedium Lilafee! 

Thanks for your most cautious packing - they've all done well, impressively stout box, minimal reshuffling. Sales are obviously very popular this year, most nurseries' lists seem to be out of stock so everso grateful to find your well populated catalogue and such affordable prices, ideal for growing on too." (May 2021)


"Plants just arrived as usual in very good order. Many thanks. Beautifully packed.

No doubt I will be trawling your list again soon. Such a treat always, I shall have more time to do it for the foreseeable future by the looks of things.

Thank you for the pleasure you bring with such treasures. As long as I have my plants & books & the odd glass of wine,what more could you need?" (March 2020)





"I have just been browsing your website – what a fantastic collection of plants you offer. You will be hearing from me again." (March 2020)



"Many thanks for plants delivered today in perfect condition." (March 2020)



"It was lovely to arrive home yesterday to find a well-packed box of beautiful plants waiting for me. I have a few Anemones but not 'Allenii' so I'll be anticipating its flowering: thank you. I found you in the RHS Plant Finder, a grey day allowing me browsing time with books and computer. (January 2020)




"Just to say many thanks for my order received today, I wasn't expecting it till next week, as usual plants and packaging the best from any mail order firm I've had dealings with. Also, many thanks for the extras, very much appreciated, I know what I shall be doing tomorrow !! I hope to be placing another order in the near future." (January 2020)




"I belatedly wanted to say thank you so much for packing the plants so carefully - they all arrived safely and look fantastic, and it was very kind of you to pop a bonus Iris in there too!  I'll definitely be ordering from you again." (January 2020)




"My plants arrived in super-quick time and all beautifully packed in paper. Thank you in particular for the Iris Katherine Hodgkin that you included unexpectedly as a gift and is a delight. Although I always try and restrain myself from buying plants as my garden is already stuffed, I'm sure I will be buying more from you in the future." ( January 2020 )





"I took delivery yesterday of the Mertensia I had ordered from you. All in as good a shape as hoped for! But what a lovely surprise to find a gorgeous Primula rosea gift in the box! This is not a plant I had thought of growing before, but all proper gardeners know the value of a free plant (a self seeded volunteer, a cutting taken from a friend's garden, and so on). And so I'm now spending these rainy days working out the best spot for it, surely one of the best pastimes there is for a wintery week.

So, thank you so much for the plants, both purchased and gifted. And although my garden isn't really set up for alpines. I will certainly now look to Border Alpines first before buying anything online." ( February 2020 )




"Yours is my favourite mail order site, great prices and really beautiful plants, have a nice day!" (February 2020)




"Thank you for the nice gift, I will definitely buy again. The plants have arrived safely."  (Germany, February 2020 )




"Just to let you know the parcel arrived safely this morning with everything travelling beautifully.  Also a huge thank you for your generosity with the Notholirion - it's a new plant to me so after lunch a bit of reading up is called for and when my toes have thawed out I will look for a spot for it to move into.  Luckily I have a very sunny garden so that will make choice easier!

Happy New Year and I will keep your website bookmarked for future reference!" ( January 2020 )




"My plants arrived in super-quick time and all beautifully packed in paper. Thank you in particular for the Iris Katherine Hodgkin that you included unexpectedly as a gift and is a delight. Although I always try and restrain myself from buying plants as my garden is already stuffed, I'm sure I will be buying more from you in the future." (January 2020)




"I'm just writing to say a big thank you for another perfect order of plants from your nursery. The Gladiolus papilio I bought from you back in April are romping away, and I was just so impressed with the delivery I received today. The Anemonella 'Tairin' are exquisite, and I couldn't believe the size of the Allium obliquum! But after quite a long, stressful day it was really lovely and put a smile on my face to find the free of charge Gladiolus flamaganii added in with the order! It really is appreciated.

As a burgeoning plant addict I buy plants from here, there and everywhere, but can confidently say you are the best at what you do. From the ease of your website, excellent plant choice, speed of dispatch, quality of plants, perfect packaging..... you excel at the lot.

And the personal touch and personality you inject into your orders with a choice plant thrown in and taking the time to write thoughtful handwritten notes is proof that it's very much still possible to connect with your customers even in the internet age. It's a joy to receive these and I'm sure means a lot to all of your customers.

Please keep doing what you're doing as you're the best at it! And if I manage to afford somewhere with a much bigger garden, I'll be coming back for plants again and again." (June, 2018)



"Felt I must write to thank you for the recent order.Why have I never found you before.Spotted someone walking out of Chelsea with your carrier bag on tv,Googled and there you are.The plants are great and your generosity doubling up and a gift also.Thankyou.When the alpine patch gets settled will be looking again to fill the space." (June 2018)



"A couple of days ago I received the plants you sent me. I got very positively surprise how nicely they were already coming out and some even flowering, even after the long trip! All plants look very beautiful! -- over my expectations!" (April, 2018, Germany)



"Thank you very much for the order which arrived safely this morning. It was very kind of you to include an extra plant, which looks very pretty. If all the plants do as well as the Geranium 'Melody' we had from you a couple of years ago, we will have a lovely splash of colour to look forward to."  (March, 2017, UK)



"Hello Janette and Carl. Belated thank you for the plants I received recently. They arrived in very good condition, packed perfectly. The geraniums are growing away well and the epimediums are just popping their heads above the soil. So all is well. Again, thank you for your prompt and excellent service. I look forward to placing orders with you again in the future." (March 2017, UK)



"Just to thank you for my lovely plants which arrived safely today. What a fantastic service, beautifully packed and only about 36 hours between ordering and delivery! The plants I bought from you last year have done very well, and I have just noticed my Narcissus 'Spoirot' is absolutely full of bud!" (January 2017, UK)



"A little note to thank you for the beautiful alpine plants that arrived this afternoon... they were so carefully packaged and labelled, I'm sure I could actually feel your love of plants as I excitedly unwrapped them! Thanks too for the " extras ", and enclosed card... I'm just waiting to get into the garden tomorrow and over the weekend!" (January 2017, UK)



"The alpine plants arrived safely yesterday. Incredible perfection, both of the plants and of the packaging. In all my years of receiving plants by post, none have arrived in better condition than yours." (November 2016, UK)



"Many thanks for the lovely order I received on Monday. The garden looks fabulous and the sustitutes are perfect. I would like to thank you for the excellent and prompt service I received and praise your couteous and polite manner. It was lovely to receive such a wonderful service." (July 2016, UK)



"Pros and Cons: Cons: nil. Pros: numerous. Quality of plants terrific, value for money can't be beaten, packaging absolute best, help and advice top notch, both Carl and Janette prepared to spend time giving tips on each variety and for a novice such as myself, who even needed advice on which end of the trowel to shove in the soil, wonderful. Many many thanks to you both, I'll certainly be coming back. I'm buying a rake next week." (June 2016, UK)



"Many thanks for my last order. When opening a parcel from Border Alpines I have come to expect quality plants and once again I am over the moon. Absolute top quality, never ever disappointed." (June 2016, UK)



"Just wanted to tell you how happy with the service and delivery of our Viola 'Molly Sanderson' plants. I have three granddaughters, for all of whom I have plants in their name, Hannah Louise (fuchsia), Charlotte (rose) and Molly! So for you to send a Dicentra 'Little Angels' was so fitting -thank you so much." (April 2016, UK)



"Thank you so much for another lovely parcel of plants. Also for the extra ones they are much appreciated especially as I only moved here about eighteen months ago and there wasn't much in the garden. I am gradually digging up grass to make a pretty garden for me and the wildlife." (March 2015, UK) 



"The plants have arrived safely today. Thank you very much for the extra plants. What a beautiful rosette the Meconopsis has and I look forward to the Lilium nepalense in flower. I am very impressed with the plants you have send me. Very pleased, thank you very much." (March 2015, Germany) 



"Plants have arrived safely and look really nice. Thank you for the Fritillaria, that was very kind!  We grow many plants here for the business, but most of these are new to me so I am very much looking forward to growing them." (March 2015, UK) 



"Just a note to thank you for the plants - they were so well packed and have arrived in beautiful condition. Thank you also for your offer to drop plants off in the future - I think it very likely that I will be ordering again, we have a shortage of nurseries in this area which have such a wide selection of alpines/small perennials particularly those which have been locally grown." (April 2015, UK) 



"Just a quick note to thank you for the prompt delivery of my plants. I have ordered plants via the internet before but never as successfully. Thank you. The plants are in excellent shape and were packed so well they seemed to have barely noticed travelling at all. I hope they will work well in my tapestry lawn." (April 2015, UK) 



"Thank you for my latest order which arrived yesterday.  The plants are in beautiful condition. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of you at Malvern [on Gardener's World].  It was at last year's show, when Carol Klein bought Geranium x Cinereum 'Melody', that I first heard of you." (May 2015, UK)








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